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San Rafael, California is a great place for business.  Just north of San Francisco, nestled in grassy wooded hills, it is the economic and cultural center of Marin County.  San Rafael's outstanding quality of life is supported by a healthy and diverse business base.  With high education and income levels, the city offers both small-town atmosphere and a lively urban environment.

The City of San Rafael is committed to maintaining a strong business community.  Economic Development staff are dedicated to helping your business do well in San Rafael.  They can assist with site selection and navigation of the permitting process.  Visit our Business Assistance page for information on starting or growing your business in San Rafael.

Click to link to our listing of Business Links & Resources, including the San Rafael Chamber of Commerce and the San Rafael Business Improvement District (BID), and learn more about our Shop San Rafael campaign.

For information on obtaining a film permit for the City of San Rafael, visit

If you are a San Rafael business, help keep San Rafael Clean by taking the Business Litter Pledge.  More information about keeping our city clean can be found at